L+F Wedding: Wedding preparation so far..

Friday, March 07, 2014

Quite a number of my friends have been asking me, so how's the wedding prep and actually, i can honestly say most of the vendors that i'm suppose to engage, i've confirmed with them and to be honest i'm pretty impressed with my efficiency! hahahah *thick skinned*

So we actually only confirmed that we're doing the wedding this year in mid-end January, went to a fortune teller to get the "auspicious dates" , didn't really manage to get any date at all haha, randomly went to the hotel of our choice to do a inpromptu "site recee" then making appointment with the events guy and put down our deposit for the banquet on the spot in end January. 

And then I went ahead to research the various vendors 
and have since then confirmed the below within a month! haha

AD Videographer: Forever Films
Pre-wedding photography: Jeremy from AlvinAdeline Weddings
Pre-wedding videography: Benny from AlvinAdeline Weddings
Pre-wedding Makeup-Artist: Rosalyn 
Pre-wedding shoot Florist: The Flower Factory 
Photobooth: Phooth SG
Papergoods Designer: James from Party With Eva
Bridal House: The Gown Warehouse
Tea Ceremony Cheongsum: Mazzario Cheongsum
Actual Day Makeup-Artist: Clara Song
Wedding band: Fatt + Ywenna
Wedding car: Leon's car 
Bridesmaid Dresses: Club Couture

So our wedding would be on the 22nd November Saturday, and we've decided to go for our honeymoon RIGHT after the wedding on the 24th, flying to London and we'll be travelling thru Paris + Rome / Venice and back to Paris to fly back to SG, total of 18 days! 

We've booked our flights via AirFrance and you won't believe how cheap it is! 
For the both of us it's only $2017, surprisingly alright isn't it?

Haahah ever since we confirmed the honeymoon i've been doing more research on the honeymoon and not doing anything else on the wedding! (what else is there for me to do right now anyway? too early to DIY stuff right? hahaha) hehe but i'm just soooo excited!

So back to the wedding, Leon even bought his suit already! He bought like 3 suits 
and he's still going to order another one. Please, SO SO SO VAIN. Hahahaha

We have customized and ordered our wedding rings too, 
right now we're just waiting for them to revert with the 3D drawing for any final changes 
and it'll be good to go! 

I'm so crazy excited for mine, because it's such a crazy fun piece! 
It can be worn on it's own, it can be worn separately 
and it can also be worn with my gorgeous engagement ring. :D 

Our wedding bands totally don't match at all and it doesn't matter to me, 
but again, there's no way leon can find anything to match mine anyway hahaha.

As of now, we're still looking out for:

a Florist, Groomsmen + our Parents outfits for the big day! 
(i think that's pretty much it right? Did i miss anything?)

Please please please do kindly do share if you have any recommendation? (:

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.

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